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I’ve been slacking

I admit it. But not on purpose. These recent weather fulctuations lead to me getting sick again. Boo. I am currently taking pills and other stuff hoping to get better until the end of the month when we are supposed to go on a vacation.

Also, I have a craft project to finish but just can’t get to it. I need to focus.

And… I finally moved on with writing. I wrote almost 4 000 words in the past week which is a very impressive result for me. This sickness doesn’t let me spent so much time at the computer (I get headaches) but I hope to get back to writing as soon as I get better.

I don’t work out. I still have a program slected on my NTC app but I can’t get started. But I walk a lot. A LOT. I walked ~20 miles this week only. And that is only what I recorded via Nike+ Running.

I have quite a lot of plans for my vacation but first I have to get well because being sick in summer is super lame.

This is seriously getting more and more wrong

Is like a virus. These commercials where they say food causes guilt. Especially desserts. Like, “to eat without feeling guilty” or “it’s only a moment of pleasure but how much you have to work afterwards” etc. Damn! There’s no way I am ever buying these products. You will not get money for making people feel bad about eating and honestly triggering eating disorders. Shame on you!

Had a horrible horrible night

These weather swings, of course, didn’t leave me alone so now I am getting sick. I slept like 3 hours only. The rest of time I spent just turning back and forth in my bed. I had terrible dreams going one after another. And a super uncomfortable feeling in my stomach which I still have.

This like a curse or something. Every single time I get super pumped and dedicated to finally make some real changes in my life and work on my goals, something HAS TO happen. Either I get sick or whatever but all my plans get crushed. I’ve had this blog for a few years but I still haven’t got any significant results.

I am very close to giving up right now.

Is it true? Is it really a ‘you can eat any food you want’ day in the USA today? Or is it a prank? Because I feel really sorry for my friends in the US if their government allows them to eat foods they like only once a year.

Restriction is NEVER a good thing.

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